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Access USA Alliance provides international students an expedited pathway to higher education bypassing traditional admissions and entrance exams.

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When it Comes to College, Being Good Doesn’t Get You In

And getting in doesn’t get you out. How can you convince colleges that you can be successful? How can you convince yourself that you can be successful? How can you navigate the labyrinth of university admissions, earn your degree, and position yourself for an international career?

There is a better way. Access USA, is the answer.

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Guiding Principles

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We bring students and colleges together.  We help colleges cut through the noise to find students who are ready to succeed and willing to make the effort to do so. AccessMCA students show colleges their capabilities while accelerating their progress towards a degree and a meaningful international career,  reducing risk at every stage of the process.

Our Mission

We help students progress from high school to university by providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability while receiving the support they need to be successful.  Students take real courses taught by real faculty for real credit on real transcripts. Start college now and begin your journey to success

How Access USA Works

Guaranteed University Admission in the USA

With Access USA you can start taking university courses and earning university credit  in high school.  Students who do well earn a guaranteed place at university.  You can take your credit anywhere you go .  

Show Your Academic Excellence

You are more than Standardized test scores and board exams. Show universities who you are and what you can accomplish. Let the whole world see your academic excellence

Get to Know Your Professors

With small class sizes and real faculty you get to know university professors first hand. Find mentors and get guidance and recommendations for your university journey.

Make Valuable Connections

Whether with professors or future employers, the connections you make will supercharge your pathway to an international career.

Affordability and Scholarships

Qualify for merit scholarships and reduce the cost of your university degree. Access USA students save between $50,000 and $100,000 compared to traditional college pathways.
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A Better Way to University Admission

Bypass The Standard Admission Queue

The standard admissions process is complicated and time consuming. Access USA students apply and get accepted into member university with ease.

No SAT or ACT Required

Because you show professors from our universities that you can be successful in their courses, the universities are willing to guarantee your admission.

Guaranteed Admission

Access USA students who complete the Access USA Diploma Program are guaranteed admission into a member university of the Access USA Alliance. Don’t wait to start building your future.

Start Your Degree Today

Earn College Credit That You Can Take Anywhere.
Real Courses Taught by Real Faculty.


Morphology to Phylogeny - Perfect for future biologists and healthcare trailblazers.


Become IT professionals, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and future tech disruptors.


The foundation for data-driven pioneers and future tech innovators.


Transform Your Education

Our universities and colleges actively seek students like you.  Students who are willing make the effort needed to succeed and want to cut through the arbitrariness of normal college admissions.  Mitigate risk by showing universities what you can do, all the while accelerating your progress towards a degree and a rewarding international career.

Our Professionals


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Mark Foster


Rachel Carter


Alex Turner

Academic Advisor

"My name is Prathamjeet, and I am from Grade 11 and currently studying at Lancers International School; it was a transformative experience. Access USA has been a game-changer for me. The course provided insight into research methodologies and also taught me how to present effectively which is essential in academic and professional life today. Professor Dr. McTyre created a dynamic learning environment with his knowledge and commitment. I would highly recommend this course to any student who wants a comprehensive education that will change their lives. This class not only improved my academic background but also gave me skills necessary for college, etc., later on. My academic foundation has been formed here, thanks to this program which made me feel more confident in terms of completing tasks that require good research and presentation. Access USA is the way to go if you are looking for a program that goes beyond the traditional learning methods and prepares you for college requirements."

Prathamjeet Lancers International School

"Dear Ma’am and Access USA, Thank you for providing the great opportunity to me for elaborating my experiences about the course that I liked and things that need to be Improved. Part-1 Things I liked: User/Student friendly environment is being provided on both in meetings and on the College’s / University’s portal. Doubts and Issues are being solved swiftly and responses about those issues are immediate and explained well. No workload, and more fun activities. Assignments are full of fun and are interesting too. Interactive Classes Thank You."

Lovepreet Ivy World School

"I am Vanshika, studying in 11th grade. Through this email, I would like to tell you about my experience with Access USA. Having recently completed two modules, I can confidently say that Access USA has been a valuable and enriching journey. The program offers a unique pathway for students to gain admissions to leading U.S. universities and colleges, and I have found the experience to be worth every moment invested. The courses provided through Access USA have not only been informative but also engaging. The methodology and content have already contributed significantly to my academic pursuits. I want to commend the exceptional support and guidance provided by the teachers. Their dedication to creating a positive and supportive learning environment has been instrumental in my progress. The support I have received from them has made the virtual classrooms as effective and engaging as in-person sessions. Enrolling with Access USA has allowed me to commence my first year of college, bringing excitement and learning, marking a significant step forward for students like me towards international careers and study experiences. Thank you for providing such a valuable opportunity through Access USA. I look forward to continuing my educational journey with this program."

Vanshika Cambridge International School

"My name is Smile and I am studying in grade 11. I am really very glad to share my view for being an essential part of Access USA community. I am really very very thankful to all the teachers who taught me and I am happy to say that the teachers of Access USA are really very supportive and helpful. I am really very thankful and happy to be part of Access USA. Thank you..."

Smile Cambridge International School

"Studying with Access USA and University of Detroit Mercy was an intellectually invigorating experience. The courses were rigorous, engaging, and led by exceptional faculty. The diverse learning environment fostered critical thinking and collaborative skills. I am grateful for the enriching academic journey that has undoubtedly shaped my knowledge and perspective. Highly recommended."

Aarish SAI International School

"I joined ENG104, Research Writing and Presentation in the fall semester as a part of the Access USA program, and I can assure you that this class has helped me immensely. From writing my own research papers to summarising other sources, this class has taught me things that I'm sure will be more than valuable going ahead. Dr. McTyre taught me how to think critically and logistically, and how to read academic papers in a more enlightening manner. With examples from the Bloomsburg's taxonomy, I was able to understand how to approach the very idea of writing an academic paper. Before this class, I cannot even begin to explain how I despised having to cite and write the bibliography entry for each of my works. Now, I feel like I’ve understood why it’s important, how it can help other researchers (such as myself), and I’ve learnt to accept it as a sort of distraction from my main paper. I've also learnt how to be patient with myself while writing, because, well, I’m not ChatGPT to roll out the words in a matter of seconds. Overall, this course was truly spectacular. I would do it all again, without changing a thing. I've just learnt so many different things in a matter of mere weeks. Yes, it was a little difficult, but if I'm being honest, I'm very grateful for every single thing that I did throughout this course. Thank you!"

Vaishnavi The Gaudium School


What People Say About Access USA

My experience with Access USA has been truly transformative. The opportunity to enroll in courses offered by prestigious universities and colleges has broadened my academic horizons and provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills. The flexibility to choose from a curated selection of courses each term has allowed me to tailor my learning experience to my interests and goals.  Access USA has not only prepared me for college but has also empowered me to excel academically and pursue my passions with confidence.

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