About Us

The Access USA Alliance is a association of secondary schools committed to bringing academic excellence to their students and of partner universities committed to furthering the personal growth and development of these students as they pursue their ambitions of international careers.

Guiding Principles

Our Mission & Vision

“A Better Way to College provides students a pathway to their goal with a supportive guide to show them and their families the way to success.  I recommend this program not just for international students but for all students.”
–Raymond Ravaglia, Associate Dean and Director of Pre-Collegiate Studies, Stanford University (ret.)

Our Mission

We remove fear, uncertainty, and doubt by replacing the traditional university application process with a pathway leading to guaranteed admission.  We help students take control of their lives, chart their destinies, and realize their dreams of an international career. 

Our Vision

We represent a new alliance between American universities, International companies, and secondary schools. We bring the best from the USA to the world and the best from the world to the USA so that our students can have the freedom to build the futures they desire.

How Access USA Can Help

Hear from Jeff Abernathy, President of Alma College, and Leader of the Michigan Colleges Alliance President's Council.

Stories of Success

The member institutions of the Access USA Alliance have produced a steady stream of successful graduates over the past 150 years. Here are some of the companies and graduate programs where you can find our graduates.

List of Companies :
List of Graduate Programs :



Berkshire Hathaway


Dow Inc.

Gentex Corporation




Columbia University

Cornell University

Harvard Business School

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Stanford Graduate School of Business

University of California Berkeley

University of Detroit Mercy Law School

University of San Francisco Medical School

The Member Institutions of the Access USA Alliance

Our Team

Meet the People Behind Access USA

Sheila Bauer

CEO, Access USA

Sheila Bauer

Sheila Bauer is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of A Better Way to College (ABWC) / Access USA, an innovative program that provides high school students with the opportunity to take authentic college courses taught by experienced professors for college credit. This unique approach allows students to complete a year of college while still in high school and bypass the traditional college admissions process. As a serial entrepreneur, Ms. Bauer's work focuses on the intersection of education and student wellness, where she strives to bring innovative programs to students while improving outcomes for both students and their families.

Ms. Bauer's commitment to service extends beyond her professional endeavors. She serves on the boards of the International Automotive Hall of Fame and the Michigan Colleges Alliance, and engages in various board-level and consulting projects with leading universities. Her passion for career outcomes and student success was shaped during her time with the Ritz-Carlton, where she honed her skills in delivering exceptional service.

Ms. Bauer received her undergraduate education at the Nolan School of Hotel Administration at the SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Abbey Swanson

Program Manager, Access USA

Abbey Swanson

Abbey Swanson is a graduate of Alma College, where she studied History and Political Science. In her role as the Access USA Program Manager, she coordinates with US partner universities and colleges to build summer residential institutes and distance learning courses.

Jacob Keeley

Program Manager, Access USA

Jacob Keeley

Jacob Keeley is a graduate of Alma College where he earned degrees in Political Science and History.  Serving as a Program Manager at Access USA he has visited over 20 schools in India, and has conducted workshops for over 2,000 students.

Tejal Shah

India Office Manager, Access USA

Tejal Shah

Ms. Tejal, an educator, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Shivaji University and a Master’s in Education Management from JDBIMS, SNDT University. With over two decades of experience in various pivotal roles within school functions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the field of education.

In her role as a Manager, Ms. Tejal is dedicated to ensuring a seamless educational experience for all involved. Her expertise lies in coordinating with schools, parents, and students across India, guiding them through the process and addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

Sheila Bauer

CEO, Access USA

Abbey Swanson
Program Manager, Access USA

Jacob Keeley
Program Manager, Access USA

Tejal Shah
India Office Manager, Access USA


Our International Support Team

Ming Yang Lim, Director, V-Campus Pvt Ltd

Southeast Asia and Middle East

Janette Lim, Ed.D, Director, Opus Academy

Canada and Philippines

Bhavin Shah, Managing Director, Access USA Association Schools Program


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